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The benefits of immediate advice and treatment to a wide range of problems such as spinal or sporting injuries and post operative conditions is well known.

We assess and treat as soon as possible to ensure a speedy recovery and we use a range of techniques from hands-on mobilising, and manipulation to electrical treatments such as ultrasound and a range of exercises to increase function and prevent further problems.

How does Physiotherapy differ from other forms of treatment?

There is some similarity between a manipulative physiotherapist and an osteopath.

Physios may focus on a more broad approach to the resolutions that include a substantial proportion of therapeutic muscle work in combination with different forms of manipulation. They also have a whole range of gentle mobilising techniques if needed and these are often treatments of choice.

Chiropracters tend to use more aggressive manipulative approaches and methods that require regular appointments for long periods of time.

Osteopaths may focus on joint based therapy and passive movement techniques, but there is overlay in the techniques used by both professional groups.

Physiotherapists tend to treat a wider range of musculo-skeletal problems. They also try to seek problem solutions with a short course of treatment and educate patients emphasizing the importance of self help.

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